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SturdyAI: Customer feedback solution simplified

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SturdyAi is a powerful business tool designed for customer-obsessed companies looking to enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth. Unlike traditional AI solutions, SturdyAi was created by business leaders for business leaders, making it simple, smart, and safe to use.

One of the key features of SturdyAi is its ability to securely monitor customer communications across all channels and compile this data into a single, unbiased source of customer truth. This allows teams to identify and address key issues that impact product quality, marketing strategies, service delivery, and overall business processes. By turning customer conversations into valuable data, SturdyAi empowers teams to make data-driven decisions that drive positive outcomes for both customers and the business.

SturdyAi’s AI is trained on millions of real business conversations, enabling it to uncover trends and insights that impact revenue retention, product development, and customer sentiment. This tool is particularly beneficial for B2B businesses, revenue teams, and CX teams looking to prioritize customer needs and drive operational excellence.

With features like Sturdy Summaries, Custom Signals, and Automations, SturdyAi offers a customizable and user-friendly platform for businesses to access critical insights and take action in real-time. By leveraging the power of AI and customer data, SturdyAi helps companies proactively address customer needs, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive business success.

In conclusion, SturdyAi is a valuable tool for business managers seeking to enhance customer experience, drive revenue growth, and stay ahead of market trends. Whether your focus is on revenue retention, product insights, or sentiment analysis, SturdyAi offers a comprehensive solution to help you achieve your business goals.

SturdyAi – Features

  • Identify and solve customer satisfaction issues
  • Securely monitor customer communications across all channels
  • Organize data into a single source of customer truth
  • Provide insights to improve product, marketing, services, and processes
  • Identify issues across sales, marketing, service, and product
  • Train on 100+ million business conversations
  • Discover topics and trends impacting revenue retention
  • Surface intent and sentiment trends in minutes

SturdyAi – Pricing

SturdyAi’s pricing plans include Team starting at $2,499/mo, Business starting at $5,999/mo, and Enterprise with exclusive pricing. Discounts available for longer-term contracts, non-profits, and charities. Each plan includes CRM, Helpdesk, and Email integrations, with additional features in higher-tier plans.

Visit sturdy.ai for more.

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