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SimplePhones: Never miss a customer call

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SimplePhones is a business tool designed to help manage incoming and outgoing calls using AI technology. With features such as customizable AI voice agents, call logging, affordable pricing plans starting at $49 per month, and extensive customization options, SimplePhones is a versatile tool suitable for a wide array of businesses and use cases.

The AI voice agents can be tailored to specific business needs, whether it be for booking appointments, answering FAQs, or handling customer inquiries. Calls can be routed to different numbers, and texts, emails, or webhooks can be sent to team members for specific customer needs. The tool also allows for customization of voices, accents, and responses, creating a consistent brand experience for customers.

SimplePhones offers transparent call logging, AI agent training, and integration with customer management systems, making it easy to manage and track customer interactions. With a wide variety of supported languages and accents, the tool can cater to diverse customer bases. Additionally, the tool offers demo options for interested users to experience the AI agent in action before committing.

Overall, SimplePhones provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer service and call handling capabilities using AI technology. It is a tool that prioritizes providing a high-quality experience and prompt support to ensure seamless integration into business operations.

SimplePhones – Features

  • Inbound and Outbound Calls Answered by AI Voice Agent
  • Transparent Call Logging with Duration and Transcript
  • Customization of AI Agent for Various Use Cases
  • Calls Routing and Escalation to Different Numbers
  • Multi-Language and Accents Support for AI Agent
  • Integration with Customer Management Systems
  • Ability to Handle Complex Customer Inquiries
  • Phone Numbers Available in Multiple Countries

SimplePhones – Pricing

SimplePhones offers three pricing plans: Basic for $49/month with up to 100 calls, Advanced for $149/month with up to 500 calls, and Premium for $249/month with up to 2,500 calls. All plans include free agent revisions and unlimited fulfillment.

Visit simplephones.ai for more.

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