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Logistify: AI assistance for efficient supply chain management

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Logistify is an AI-powered Assistant specifically designed for Logistics and Supply Chain Managers to streamline inventory management workflows. This innovative tool aims to reduce labor costs and increase productivity by automating tasks that were previously time-consuming and manual.

One of the key features of Logistify is its seamless integration with existing ERP, IMS, or WMS systems, allowing users to easily start using the AI Assistant without the need to replace their current systems. This integration ensures a smooth transition and eliminates the need for additional training or software implementation.

Logistify’s AI Assistant offers a range of functionalities to help with stock-level management, order management, inbounds and outbounds management, returns management, inventory verification, demand forecasting, and vendor/partner management. By automating these processes, businesses can eliminate human errors, reduce shrinkage, and optimize their supply chain operations.

The Inventory Verification Assistant utilizes CCTV cameras and computer vision technology to accurately count and verify received stocks, reducing losses and improving inventory accuracy. The Demand Forecasting Assistant leverages up-to-date social, political, and economic information to enhance forecasting accuracy and provide automated reports.

Overall, Logistify offers a comprehensive solution for logistics and supply chain management, empowering managers to focus their time and resources on high-level strategic tasks rather than routine operational duties. With its one-click integration and user-friendly interface, Logistify is a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency in their supply chain processes.

Logistify – Features

  • AI Assistant for Logistics & Supply Chain Managers
  • ERP Integration
  • Stock-Level Management Assistant
  • Order Management Assistant
  • Inbounds Management Assistant
  • Outbounds Management Assistant
  • Returns Management Assistant
  • Inventory Verification Assistant
  • Demand Forecasting Assistant
  • Vendor/Partner Management Assistant

Logistify – Pricing

Logistify offers three pricing plans: Starter at $29/month for solo managers, SME at $59/month for multiple managers, and Enterprise with custom pricing for large enterprises. Each plan includes different features like query limits, user limits, and history traces.

Visit logistify.ai for more.

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