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Klaviyo: Power your marketing with AI and personalization

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Klaviyo is a powerful business tool that enables companies to create personalized customer experiences across various channels such as email, SMS, mobile push, and more. By utilizing real-time data and AI-driven insights, businesses can fuel faster growth and connect seamlessly with their customer base.

With features such as email marketing, SMS marketing, mobile push notifications, and reviews, Klaviyo allows businesses to engage with their customers in a meaningful and personalized way. The platform’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) consolidates tech stack and accelerates time to value by unifying, transforming, and activating data in ways not possible before.

Klaviyo’s AI, predictive analytics, and benchmarks guide marketing efforts, helping businesses to fully understand their customers, recommend products they’ll love, track success across channels, and reach the right audience at the right time. The platform also provides automated flows, campaigns, templates, web forms, integrations, APIs, profiles, segmentation, and data science tools to optimize marketing strategies for continual growth and improvement.

With Klaviyo’s comprehensive features and seamless integration with 300+ other apps, businesses can strengthen their marketing efforts across various channels and unlock the full potential of their data to drive meaningful and personalized experiences at scale. Whether it’s email marketing, SMS, mobile push notifications, or reviews, Klaviyo is equipped to help businesses engage, retain, and grow their customer base effectively.

Klaviyo – Features

  • Personalized customer experiences across email, SMS, mobile push, and more
  • Unified data and marketing automation platform for faster growth
  • Email marketing with dynamic content and recommended products
  • SMS marketing for engaging VIP customers and 2-way conversations
  • Mobile push notifications for boosting engagement
  • Customer data platform for data consolidation and activation
  • AI-driven predictive analytics for guiding marketing strategies
  • Reporting and benchmarks for tracking success and improvement efforts

Klaviyo – Pricing

Klaviyo offers different pricing plans based on the number of active profiles, starting from $0/month for free plan with 500 monthly email sends and 150 free SMS/MMS credits. Paid plans start at $45/month for email and $60/month for email and SMS.

Visit klaviyo.com for more.

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