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iWeaver: AI knowledge assistant

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iWeaver is a comprehensive AI personal knowledge management assistant designed to help business managers save, organize, manage, and apply their scattered knowledge in one place. This tool streamlines the process of reading, watching, listening, and analyzing content, making it easier to recall knowledge, get answers, write articles, generate mind maps, and obtain summaries with a simple click.

One of the key features of iWeaver is its generative AI tools which allow users to create content based on their knowledge base. Users can take advantage of their curated content to maximize their potential on creative tasks. The AI-driven Q&A feature assists users in uncovering insights and conducting comprehensive research tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, the AI content creation tool seamlessly integrates with personalized knowledge bases to generate informative and engaging articles.

iWeaver also offers an AI summarizer that can transform complex documents, articles, PDFs, podcasts, and videos into concise and clear summaries. This feature helps users grasp the core concepts quickly, saving valuable time and mental effort. Furthermore, the AI mind mapping tool goes beyond traditional note-taking and can convert various types of content into clear and comprehensive mind maps, providing a visual representation of key insights for learning and recall.

For business managers, iWeaver serves as a valuable tool for project operations, academic research, political and industrial consultation, essays and exam preparation, financial industry research, and subject learning and improvement. By organizing and managing knowledge and content in a personal library, iWeaver enables users to quickly find notes, documents, links, bookmarks, and more using keywords, tags, or the personal AI agent. With its automated classification, instant insight response, one-click storage, and conversational management features, iWeaver is a practical choice for professionals and elites looking to enhance their knowledge management capabilities.

iWeaver – Features

  • AI Personal Knowledge Management Assistant
  • Generative AI Tools for content creation
  • AI Q&A feature for personalized insights
  • AI content creation assistant for generating articles
  • AI Summarization tool for simplifying complex content
  • AI mind mapping for visual representation of key insights
  • Organize and manage knowledge in a personal library with machine learning capabilities

iWeaver – Pricing

iWeaver offers three pricing plans: Basic (free), Pro ($9.9/month or $99/year), and Ultra ($19.9/month or $199/year). Each plan includes various features such as document summaries, video summaries, mind map generator, text summarizer, and more. Customized plans are also available upon request.

Visit iweaver.ai for more.

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