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ImmersityAI: Transforming 2D content into immersive 3D experiences

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ImmersityAI is an AI platform designed to enhance creative expression by converting plane images and videos into immersive 3D experiences. This tool allows users to transform 2D content into engaging 3D visuals, providing a heightened sense of realism and depth to videos and images. Through its Neural Depth Engine, ImmersityAI offers unmatched precision, speed, and control in generating depth maps for accurate conversions.

One of the key features of ImmersityAI is its ability to convert videos and images into 3D motion, allowing users to enjoy these immersive experiences on various XR devices such as Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest. The platform provides detailed and multi-layered depth mapping, drawing viewers into the heart of the scene and creating stunning 3D visuals. Additionally, creators can learn from others around the world and gain insights into how to craft immersive experiences that attract large audiences.

With easy preview options, full camera control, and consistency in performance, ImmersityAI offers creators a seamless and efficient way to transform their content into immersive 3D experiences. Whether it’s converting images into 3D motion or enhancing videos with depth and realism, this tool provides users with the tools they need to create engaging and captivating visual content. If your business aims to elevate its creative output and deliver immersive experiences to your audience, ImmersityAI could be a valuable tool to consider integrating into your workflow.

ImmersityAI – Features

  • Converts images and videos into immersive 3D experiences
  • Creates detailed and multi-layered depth maps for enhanced realism
  • Allows conversion of 2D images and videos into 3D for XR devices
  • Provides tips and tricks from creators around the world for immersive experiences
  • Utilizes a Neural Depth Engine for precise and speedy conversions
  • Offers easy preview options, full camera control, and consistency in performance
  • Transforms 2D images into 3D motion with full control and instant previews

ImmersityAI – Pricing

ImmersityAI offers pricing plans based on credits, with 500 credits priced at $5 and 1,000 credits at $7.99 with a 20% discount. New accounts receive 100 free credits. Users can use credits for various 3D content creation tools without subscription plans.

Visit immersity.ai for more.

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