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GoProfiles: Employee connections and engagement

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GoProfiles is a revolutionary AI people platform designed to enhance employee connections and foster a culture of appreciation in the workplace. With statistics showing high rates of disengagement among employees and a lack of connection for remote workers, GoProfiles aims to bridge the gap and create a sense of community within organizations.

One key feature of GoProfiles is the information-rich profiles that go beyond just names and titles, highlighting employees’ achievements, personalities, and history with the company. This personal touch allows for better understanding and connection among team members. Additionally, the platform utilizes generative AI for employee search, making it easy to discover connections within the organization and cultivate a positive culture of peer appreciation through features like sociable Bravos.

Furthermore, GoProfiles offers tools such as the employee map and org chart to visualize the organization’s reach and structure, empowering teammates to explore connections across the company. The platform also streamlines the process of syncing employee data from HRIS platforms, ensuring that information is up-to-date and easily accessible.

For added convenience, GoProfiles offers GoLinks, enabling users to access any profile with a simple shortcut in the address bar or through a browser extension. The purpose-built solutions of GoProfiles, including GoLinks, GoSearch, and GoProfiles itself, provide instant access to resources, intuitive knowledge sharing, and AI-powered search capabilities for a seamless user experience.

Overall, GoProfiles is a comprehensive and innovative tool that brings people closer together, boosts employee engagement, and strengthens connections within organizations, making it a valuable asset for business managers looking to improve workplace culture and collaboration.

GoProfiles – Features

  • Build a culture of genuine connection
  • Explore information-rich profiles
  • Supercharge interactivity with AI
  • Recognize and celebrate wins with peer recognition
  • Discover your org’s reach with the employee map
  • Uncover organization structure with the employee org chart
  • Automate employee data syncs
  • Access any profile with GoLinks

GoProfiles – Pricing

Essential plan: $99/mo for 25 users, additional users $4/mo. Pro plan: $249/mo for 50 users, additional users $5/mo. Enterprise plan: Custom pricing with advanced features like SSO, security, compliance review, and dedicated support. Contact for details.

Visit goprofiles.io for more.

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