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GlossAi: Transform your content across all channels

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GlossAi is a cutting-edge business tool designed to help managers repurpose their video and audio content efficiently. With a focus on boosting engagement, reducing costs, and saving time, GlossAi offers a comprehensive solution for transforming long-form content into engaging snippets tailored for various social media platforms.

This all-in-one platform allows users to generate multi-channel digital and organic campaigns, fill up their content calendar with ease, and reach global audiences through localization and accessibility features. The built-in editing software enables users to personalize their content, aligning it with their brand guidelines effortlessly.

One of the key highlights of GlossAi is its prompt-based personalization feature, which allows users to tailor their content for different channels in terms of format, length, and style. The tool also offers over 100 integrations to streamline workflows from content creation to distribution.

With GlossAi, managers can follow three simple steps – upload, tweak, and share – to instantly receive shareable content for all channels. Through its patent-pending AI models, GlossAi creates on-brand, ready-to-share content for platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

By using GlossAi, businesses can expect higher engagement rates, significant time and editing savings, and reduced editing expenditures. Overall, GlossAi is a powerful tool that can empower managers to enhance their content strategy, engage with audiences effectively, and achieve cost-efficiency in their marketing endeavors.

GlossAi – Features

  • Repurpose video & audio content
  • Generate multi-channel digital and organic campaigns
  • Localization & accessibility for global audiences
  • Editing wizard for easy video tweaks
  • Prompt based personalization for tailored content
  • Workflow integrations for automation

GlossAi – Pricing

GlossAi offers a Free Trial with two video repurposes. The Basic plan costs $19/month with features like single-moment snippets and branded outputs. The Pro plan is $499/month with personalized snippets and summary videos. The Premium plan has custom pricing with advanced features like API integrations and human QA.

Visit glossai.co for more.

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