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FacePlugin: ID verification & biometric authentication

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FacePlugin is a versatile business tool that specializes in identity verification and biometric authentication solutions. By utilizing advanced technologies such as face recognition, face liveness detection, and ID document recognition, FacePlugin offers a range of services geared towards enhancing security and streamlining the authentication process for businesses.

The tool provides features such as ID document recognition, face matching, biometric identification (including face recognition, age/gender recognition, and palm recognition), and AI vision solutions like fence segmentation and real-time hair segmentation. With perpetual licenses available for their solutions, FacePlugin also offers server SDKs that are fully on-premise, ensuring affordable pricing and the best accuracy in the market.

What sets FacePlugin apart is its commitment to providing top-notch quality and support to its clients. With proprietary solutions developed in-house, free integration and maintenance support, and upgradeable packages at no additional cost, FacePlugin aims to make the process of implementing their software seamless and efficient for businesses. Additionally, their 24/7 support ensures that clients receive assistance whenever they need it.

Business managers looking to improve their eKYC and ID verification processes can benefit from FacePlugin’s offerings, which include instant face recognition, enhanced face anti-spoofing technology, and robust identity document verification. By allowing clients to try their SDKs for free and providing comprehensive support for seamless integration, FacePlugin aims to build trust with their clients and ensure satisfaction with their solutions.

Overall, FacePlugin stands out as a reliable and innovative tool for businesses seeking to enhance their security measures and authentication processes. With a focus on customization, quality, and support, FacePlugin offers a comprehensive toolkit for designing an effective identity verification process that aligns with the specific needs of a business.

FacePlugin – Features

  • On-Premises identity verification and biometric authentication solutions
  • ID Verification & eKYC with ID document recognition, face liveness detection, and face matching
  • Biometric identification including face recognition, age/gender recognition, and palm recognition
  • AI Vision Solutions for fence segmentation, table detection, and real-time hair segmentation
  • Server SDKs available with affordable pricing and best accuracy in the market
  • Mobile SDKs for on-device & offline use with real-time performance
  • Enhanced Face Anti-Spoofing Technology with 3D passive face liveness detection
  • Robust identity document verification with comprehensive ID recognition for cards, licenses, and passports.

FacePlugin – Pricing

Available upon request, free trial.

Visit faceplugin.com for more.

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