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DecktopusAI: Transform your presentations with AI-owered features

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DecktopusAI is an innovative business tool that empowers managers to create professional-looking presentations with ease. With a drag-and-drop editor, users can easily customize their presentations or utilize pre-designed templates to streamline the process. The tool also offers AI assistance for research, copywriting, and image generation, allowing users to focus on their delivery and storytelling.

One of the standout features of DecktopusAI is its AI Presenter Coach, which provides tips and tricks for effective delivery, helping users overcome stage fright and refine their presentation skills. In addition, the tool offers custom layouts to enhance corporate narratives and maintain brand consistency across all presentations.

DecktopusAI’s organization table allows users to easily manage and categorize presentations by departments, fostering collaboration and ensuring success in the business world. The design mode feature gives users full control over the design of their presentations, allowing them to tailor fonts, images, and layouts to suit their vision.

The tool also offers tailored Q&As, visually stunning images, personalized icebreakers, and dynamic scripts to optimize audience interaction and storytelling. Users can effortlessly transform static PDF documents into interactive presentations that resonate with their audience.

With DecktopusAI, managers can create impactful stories, engage their audience effortlessly, and elevate their speaking game with personalized AI-generated notes. The tool provides users with a ticket to deck perfection, offering AI-powered deck samples for inspiration and guidance.

Overall, DecktopusAI is a comprehensive business tool that combines AI technology with intuitive design features to help managers create dynamic and professional presentations that leave a lasting impression. Try DecktopusAI today and revolutionize your approach to business presentations.

DecktopusAI – Features

  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • AI Presenter Coach
  • Custom Layouts
  • Organization Table
  • Design Mode
  • Optimize Audience Interaction
  • Transform PDFs Instantly

DecktopusAI – Pricing

DecktopusAI offers two pricing plans:

  • Pro Annual Access: $9.99/month, billed annually, includes AI credits, PDF/PPT export, presentation analytics, sharing link, form response email notifications, and more.
  • Business Annual Access: $34.99/month, billed annually, includes AI credits, brand features, advanced form response, custom domain connection, and more.

Visit decktopus.com for more.

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