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Cresta: Revolutionizing contact centers with AI

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Cresta is an advanced business tool that aims to revolutionize contact centers using enterprise-grade generative AI. This AI platform is trusted by leading contact centers worldwide and has proven to deliver significant improvements in various key performance indicators. With Cresta, businesses can experience a 25% higher revenue per lead, 20% higher customer satisfaction, 15% lower average handle time, and 30% faster onboarding for new employees.

One of the standout features of Cresta is its ability to analyze every conversation, uncover customer insights, and drive better business outcomes through AI-native quality assurance automation, coaching, and real-time agent assistance. By tailoring custom AI models to the unique needs of each business, Cresta ensures a contextual understanding of customers, agents, and processes.

Deploying AI with Cresta is made easy through a no-code interface, allowing non-technical leaders to train, test, and deploy AI models quickly. The platform also offers best-in-class real-time AI capabilities, ensuring ultra-low latency in transcription and inference to keep up with the speed of human conversation.

Cresta provides a suite of intelligent products designed to help businesses in various sectors. Whether it’s sales, customer care, retention, or collections, Cresta offers solutions to accelerate revenue growth, deliver exceptional customer experience, transform churn risks, and minimize compliance risk.

With Cresta, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their operations, work smarter and faster with real-time co-pilots, reduce costs through Gen AI automation, and develop exceptional teams with AI-native management. Moreover, the platform allows contact center leaders to harness the power of generative AI through an intuitive interface that enables precision training of AI models and deployment of workflow-based rules.

Overall, Cresta offers a comprehensive AI solution for businesses looking to optimize their contact centers, improve performance metrics, and drive better business outcomes.

Cresta – Features

  • Enterprise-grade generative AI to transform the contact center
  • AI platform trusted by leading contact centers with proven results
  • Custom AI tailored to your unique business needs
  • Deploy AI with clicks, not code for continuous evolution
  • Real-time AI guidance for ultra low-latency transcription and inference
  • Intelligent products to pinpoint performance drivers
  • Real-time co-pilots to work smarter and faster
  • Gen AI automation to dramatically reduce costs

Cresta – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

Visit cresta.com for more.

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