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BoodleBox: Collaborative space for GenAI

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BoodleBox is a collaborative platform specifically designed for group collaboration with GenAI, combining the top AI models, over 1,000 custom GPTs, document sharing, and team interaction in a GroupChat setting. This tool is used by various teams from renowned organizations such as The Wall Street Journal, Samsung, Google, and more, highlighting its credibility across industries.

The platform offers live courses aimed at enhancing GenAI skills for individuals at every skill level. Users can access learning materials, frameworks, and webinars led by AI experts to further their expertise in collaborative GenAI. Additionally, BoodleBox allows teams to work together efficiently through GroupChats, connecting multiple bots, individuals, and sources of knowledge in a single chat environment. This feature aims to make discussions engaging, productive, and educational for team collaborations.

One of the standout features of BoodleBox is the consolidation of various AI tools in one place. Users can access popular language models such as ChatGPT, Claude 3, Perplexity, Gemini, and more, along with over 1,000 custom GPTs for a seamless collaborative experience. The platform’s auto-recommendation engine simplifies the process of finding the right AI tools, ensuring an easy start for users.

BoodleBox emphasizes user privacy and security, implementing industry-leading practices such as encryption, access controls, audits, and SOC 2 compliance to safeguard customer data. It is also worth noting that BoodleBox does not train AI models using user data, ensuring the confidentiality and safety of sensitive information.

Overall, BoodleBox is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify group collaboration with GenAI, offering various tools and resources to enhance teamwork, knowledge sharing, and productivity. Business managers looking to streamline their team’s AI collaboration processes may find BoodleBox to be a suitable solution, providing a secure and efficient environment for leveraging AI technologies within their organization.

BoodleBox – Features

  • Collaborative platform for group collaboration with AI
  • Access to over 1,000 custom GPTs
  • Live courses to supercharge GenAI talents
  • Work with GenAI as a team through GroupChats
  • Consolidate various AI tools in one place
  • Secure document usage for personalized responses
  • Use multiple AI tools in one chat
  • Centralized team management and billing for easy access and control

BoodleBox – Pricing

BoodleBox offers four pricing plans: BASIC (free, 2,500 words per month), BEYOND ($14.99/month, 40k words per month), BEYOND PLUS ($24.99/month, 100k words per month), and BEYOND PRO ($34.99/month, 200k words per month). Each plan includes over 1,000 AI Bots and unlimited boxes.

Visit boodlebox.ai for more.

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