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Baseten: AI model deployment and scaling

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Baseten is a business tool designed for companies looking to accelerate their time to market while scaling inference in production. It offers high model throughput, fast time to first token, and a streamlined developer workflow with the Truss platform. Enterprise-ready, Baseten provides high-performance, secure, and dependable model inference services that align with critical operational, legal, and strategic needs, including HIPAA compliance and SOC 2 Type II certification.

With highly-performant infrastructure that scales with your business, Baseten utilizes the latest serving engines to maximize inference speed advancements at the server level, optimizing models for lower memory footprint and optimal hardware usage. The tool also ensures blazing fast cold starts to quickly transition models from zero to ready for inference, achieving SDXL inference in under 2 seconds.

Impressively, Baseten offers mission-critical low latency for interactive applications like chatbots and virtual assistants, with authentication and routing services for reduced latency and high throughput up to 1,500 tokens per second. The tool further enhances inference speed with TensorRT-LLM and effortless GPU autoscaling, automatically creating additional replicas to maintain desired service levels based on incoming traffic.

Baseten’s developer workflow is the most flexible way to serve AI models in production, offering open-source model packaging with Truss, allowing seamless deployment in any environment. Deploy models with ease using just a few commands, simplifying the transition from development to production. The platform also offers resource management, logs and event filtering, cost management, observability tools, and autoscaling for efficient model management.

Overall, Baseten provides an enterprise-ready solution for companies looking to optimize their model inference services, ensuring high performance, security, and reliability throughout the development and production process. If your business values scalability, efficiency, and seamless deployment of AI models, Baseten could be a suitable tool to consider.

Baseten – Features

  • Fast, scalable inference in the cloud or self-hosted
  • Accelerating time to market for companies scaling inference in production
  • Developer workflow streamlining the development process
  • Enterprise readiness with high-performance, secure, and dependable model inference services
  • High-performant infra with servers optimizing inference speed and memory footprint
  • Blazing fast cold starts for quick model scalability
  • Effortless GPU autoscaling to maintain desired service level without overpaying for compute
  • Open-source model packaging and deployment for AI models in production

Baseten – Pricing

Baseten offers three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Self-Hosted. Basic is free with pay-per-minute pricing, Pro includes unlimited autoscaling and priority compute access, and Self-Hosted allows users to deploy in their own infrastructure with enterprise-grade security.

Visit baseten.co for more.

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