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Technology producing a nation of workaholics

According to a new survey, technology has contributed significantly to Australian office workers becoming more productive – largely at the expense of their personal time, however.

The NorthgateArinso survey, which involved 500 participants, showed workers are finding a greater number of opportunities to complete work outside office hours, thanks largely to betterments in technology.

Over half of all respondents indicated they do work after hours from home, while just under 30 percent said they worked during their commute into the office.

“The survey results seem to suggest we’re a nation of workaholics,” NorthgateArinso Australia and New Zealand Managing Director David Page said.

“With tools like instant messaging, Skype and mobile email, there’s a perception that people should be available 24/7,” he added.

While the survey showed 73.8 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that technology has helped them to better manage their work/life balance, it also found two thirds of respondents indicated they’ve worked whilst on holidays.

“Australian’s take work very seriously and rightly so. But it’s important to recognise where to draw the line and when to get some balance back into your personal life to focus on your health, family, friends and relationships,” Page said.

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