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Gavan Podbury tackles bullying in the workplace

The number of people suffering from difficult colleagues and workplace bullying is growing at an alarming rate, according to Australia’s lead speaker on handling difficult people, behaviours and situations, Gavan Podbury.

Workplace Bullying“The behaviours that many people experience at work clearly fall within the definitions of workplace bullying,” said Podbury.

“However, most people don’t equate their experience with being bullied as the term itself carries emotional baggage, plus as adults now we like to believe we have more control over our lives than we did as teenagers.”

“Difficult behaviours occur at work, and they also often exist within our homes, clubs, churches, social networks and extended families. This behaviour can make people feel helpless, so our seminars are designed to enable people to take control of negative relationships within their lives.”

Gavan will be in Sydney in November, for his popular, life-changing seminars on How to work with difficult colleagues.

“I’ve worked with people dealing with a broad range of problems – from physical intimidation, to bullying, to inappropriate criticism. It is important for workers everywhere to realise that they don’t have to accept this kind of behaviour, there are practical ways to improve most situations,” he said.

Gavan says examples of difficult behaviour include:

  • Where others continually question your decisions and judgment
  • Colleagues who ignore or exclude you or withhold important information
  • Colleagues who set tasks with timelines that are unreasonable / impossible
  • Colleagues who belittle you or undermine your work
  • Where you are subject to teasing, rumours or gossip
  • Where you are the target of rage, anger, verbal or non-verbal threats
  • Colleagues who withhold recognition or appropriate acknowledgement of your performance

Podbury’s practical tips on how to work better with difficult colleagues will provide people with empowering advice on how to make the most of all working relationships. Whether it is with a boss, colleague or client, difficult working relationships can effect productivity, morale and staff turnover. Gavan draws on his years of experience working with government and business for the content of the seminars, ensuring they are filled with real-life tips and advice.

Already well established in Victoria, ACT and WA, thousands have participated in Podbury’s practical and dynamic sessions, which provide the inspiration and skills to deal with different personality types across all facets of life.

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