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Energy Therapy tools assisting businesses and employees

Rod Sherwin’s Energy Therapy tools are being utilised by an increasing number of business owners and their employees, which enable them to quickly and effectively adapt to today’s challenges.

Energy Psychology is a set of therapies that work directly on the body to produce psychological change. They bypass the process of talking extensively about past issues and instead make use of visualisation or verbal statements to reframe problems, accompanied by a very specific process of tapping specific points on the face and body that affect the nervous and energy system.

At Tap4Health, Rod Sherwin assists people to shift their paradigm in habitual patterns and thinking styles to achieve personal breakthroughs that can take years with conventional consultants.

Sherwin also addresses various perceptions and circumstances in the workplace that can impact relationships between colleagues and performance levels in individuals. For an individual seeking substantial change specifically in the work place, examples of themes available for discussion and resolution include:

  • Are personal relationship issues keeping your top manager distracted?
  • Is one of your leaders seen as unapproachable because they are angry all the time?
  • Is a certain manager’s way of dealing with staff leading to high attrition and absenteeism?
  • Is there a team member whose presence demotivates a team because of their negative attitude?
  • Is an employee having trouble coping with a new baby and their work is suffering as a result?
  • Has a merger and acquisition left everyone uncertain about their future amidst culture change and results in a lack of identity in the work place?
  • Is a key leader’s over achievement pushing staff to work long hours, which is leading to resentment and lack of a work life balance?
  • Is fear of contacting key prospects limiting a sales person’s ability to succeed?

Case study participation open

Businesses and individuals are being invited to take part in a case study, which includes one-on-one complimentary Energy Therapy sessions with Rod Sherwin, in the privacy of their own office.

Participation will allow promotion of your company as a forward thinking, proactive and concerned employer of choice with an invested interest in the health, safety, personal growth, development and well-being of its employees.

To learn more about this case study opportunity, contact Georgii@helmcommunications.com.au 0433 286 315

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Lorna Brett

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