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Australians value work/life balance during business trips

Australians are keen to maintain a work/life balance when travelling, with many locals packing their work-out gear and swimmers on business trips, a survey by Regus has found.

The Regus Business Travel Survey reveals 47 percent of Australians pack exercise or swimming outfits when on a business trip, compared to just 27 percent of those globally.

The survey also suggested that home comforts are of higher importance to the Australian business community with 82 percent of Australian business travellers taking a special item away with them, compared to 75 percent globally.

Culture plays a big part in how workers travel. The survey revealed:

  • Australians are unlikely to pack sanitisation products- only 6 percent pack disinfectants compared to 29 per cent of Japanese and Chinese travellers.
  • Australian business travellers opt to bring unique things with them, the study showed some workers travel with a radio-controlled helicopter, a crystal wand and a snake catching kit.
  • Australian travellers enjoy peace and quiet while travelling-17 per ent take earplugs, just under the percentage of Chinese and Americans.
  • Australians like to read when travelling- 51 percent take a book with them compared to 49 percent globally.
  • The ‘human touch’ in business is still important-15 percent of Australians taking a photograph of the family with them overseas.

William Willems, Regional Vice President said the survey reveals how personal and professional lives struggle to co-exist in today’s high-pressure work environment.

“People are working more and more in flexible workspaces, so they like to have something with them that adds the personal touch wherever they are,” he said.

However with thousands of businesses now turning to video communication to avoid unnecessary business travel, “in future Australians won’t need to bring their trunks abroad so often.”

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Lorna Brett

Lorna Brett

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