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5 tips for creating a fun workplace

To create a productive workplace, it’s important to first create an environment that employees can enjoy working in.

Injecting an element of fun into the workplace may not feel like a priority, however a study by the University of Warwick in the US found that “happier workers were 12 per cent more productive than average people. Unhappier workers were 10 per cent less productive.”

Promoting fun in the workplace can also give your business a competitive edge and attract new talent, as many employees rank a fun environment as a key factor when considering a position.

So how can you make the workplace more fun? Here are 5 tips on how to add fun into the workplace and maximise productivity.

  1. Music

Music is a great motivator. Introduce a work playlist and get the whole office involved by encouraging employees to put in their own requests. A good playlist can help pump up the tempo and lift everyone’s energy, over that afternoon slump.

  1. Work outings

Organising team lunches and outings are a fantastic opportunity for employees to get to know each other in a relaxed environment away from the office. These outings give employees the chance to build and strengthen positive workplace relationships, encouraging collaboration and creativity back in the workplace.

  1. Games area

Get creative and set up a games area. Try introducing a pool table, some bean bags or even a few board games or a deck of cards. A games area should be a space where employees can unwind, refresh and have fun with one another without having to step out of the office.

  1. A fun space

Spruce up your office and liven up the workplace. Decorating your office as a team can be a fun way to make the workplace somewhere you actually want to be, making every day more enjoyable. Try adding colour to the space with decorative artwork or plants.

  1. Stock up the kitchen

It’s hard to work on an empty stomach. Create a healthy snack selection in the kitchen where employees can grab a bite to eat. Consider bringing in a coffee machine to help employees get a caffeine fix to power through their day. A well-stocked kitchen encourages employees to spend a little extra time in the office and another opportunity to socialise with their co-workers.

Incorporating these simple changes to the workplace will help motivate your employees to be as productive as possible and enjoy their working week.

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Belinda Lyone, General Manager at COS

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