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Transform your business through mobile tech

Not a single day goes by without a new technology being available in the market to help organisations perform more efficiently. Many organisations are in a race against time to embrace new technologies for a variety of reasons including compliance, legislation, the activity of competitors or perceived business opportunity. The choice of technology deployed is not a task to be taken lightly.

Mobile technology is in the process of transforming how people make business transactions. It can decrease workloads and increase productivity by reducing costly paper trails and moving administration activities onto digital platforms. Mobile technology is opening doors and creating new opportunities to conduct business anywhere, any time and without any boundaries.

Here are five mobile technology trends that can transform your business and your life in general:

  1. Everything gets “smart.” In recent years there has been an increase of “smart” technologies. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses now have the opportunity to take full advantage of advancements in automation and mobile devices, reducing labour costs and human error. Ordering and stock maintenance can be automated, security breaches can be tracked from the other side of the world and meetings can be scheduled and attended no matter the location. “Smart” technologies enable businesses to be strategic in their energy and approach. This in turn creates smarter and more efficient data exchanges that can be incorporated into any situation.
  1. Tech goes wireless. Technology is no longer limited by physical boundaries, allowing businesses to function across geographies. Meetings can now be conducted virtually, enabling employees to stay connected whether they are working remotely from home or on the move. Organisations need to keep abreast of new technologies to create a conducive working environment for employees and interact with consumers in a language that best connects with them. Mobile devices have become as vital as our next breath in life and thanks to the advancements in wireless technology, businesses are able to stay connected via their phone wherever they are, the gym, the beach or the office.
  1. Messaging apps wise up. Messaging apps are the new language of today, the new normal. Almost every smartphone user will download a version of SnapChat, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to stay connected with their friends, family, favourite café or retail store. Messenger apps are no longer just a social tool. Brands are using them to stand out from the crowd and speak the language of their consumer. It enables a new and more meaningful relationship to be built and takes away the hassle of picking up the phone and the lengthy waiting times to be put through to a customer services operator. It is needless to say, the day and age of being on hold are gone.
  1. Anything you need is on-demand. “Uberisation” is the latest buzz word. The industry has been shaken up by the creation of apps that allow consumers to book a car, or have a doctor on demand amongst others. Online shopping is making shoppers more savvy and knowledgeable and is seeing increasing growth with another 8% in February, 2016. The key to business success is going online; providing the consumer with a greater choice and flexibility when picking goods and services. Consumers have become accustomed to getting what they want, when they want. This on-demand trend will eventually transition inside the workplace and businesses will need to adopt mobile technologies to cater to this. For instance, on-demand staffing could be the solution to short-term staffing for those in health, retail and hospitality. With a click of a button casual staff could be slotted in to fill in for last minute sick calls, eliminating the hassle and stress of calling around or rescheduling a roster.
  1. Wearable technology is everywhere. We are no longer just using technology but we are wearing it. Consumers will wait in line for hours to get the latest high-end accessories like the Apple Watch or Google Glasses. As wearable mobile technology advances, prices will decrease and consumer offerings will grow. The latest trend to take consumers by storm is fitness trackers, embedded in phones, watches, wristbands and smart shoe technology are on its way. Businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of wearable technologies and incorporate fitness trackers into their employee health programs or connect with their consumers by starting a conversation through social platforms.

This year will see businesses under pressure to pick the right mobile technology that will help them connect on a more personal level with their employees and consumers. Future success may be dependent on this relationship and the ability to speak to them in a language they understand.

So it’s time to start thinking about the next steps, what technology are you going to adopt to build that relationship?

About the author

Steve Fitzjohn is the regional VP for APAC at live chat software company LivePerson.

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