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You’ve got a smartphone but you’re not sure how best to use it? Try installing some of these apps that will help you organise, learn about and run your business in the new year.

Here are our choices for the top 7 apps for small business owners.

1. Keynote

Designed for iPad and iPhone, this app is destined to improve your business presentations from here on in. This app allows you to move objects wherever you like, create animations, easily create charts and graphs – even in 3D, and present it all through video mirroring. If you need to show the boss what you’ve been working on with a bit of pizzazz, this is what you need.

2. Pages

Editing and creating documents on your iPhone or iPad has never been easier. This app allows you to import Word documents and freely edit as if you were using a desktop. It even has an easy to use text wrap ability, so placing images on flyers or reports is straightforward.

3. GoToMeeting

Just like using Citrix’s GoToMeeting software on your desktop, this app allows you to access a live meeting through chat and even see up to 6 meeting participants through HDFaces on the iPad. After you’ve received a link over email, you can join a meeting instantly by clicking on the meeting link. Or if you’d like to start a meeting, send an instant invite or click on a pre-scheduled meeting through the app.

4. Invoice2go

20 built-in invoice styles are available through this app that allows you to invoice, estimate, bill and report. If your business involves staff that is always out on the run, this app could solve your invoicing problems. Connect directly to PayPal and your customers will even be able to pay you instantly.

5. Frequency

This app sorts through video content all over the web, from any of your social media sites, and collates it together in one place for easy viewing. Don’t miss out on any of the latest business news again.

6. TripIt

Keep up to date with all of your and your staff’s travel details with TripIt. If you’re a frequent traveller, receive all of your confirmations in one place and share your travel details on Facebook or LinkedIn so your colleagues and friends can be aware of where you are.

7. LexisNexis Legal News

Keep track of all legal, business and financial news that might affect your business with this informative app. You can even set alerts for particular information: if you want to track your clients, competitors or just keep informed of any changing market conditions that might affect your business.