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Online Advertising Solutions

We understand that each client has unique goals, so we offer a variety of advertising solutions to help you reach this highly desirable audience in the most effective way.

Display Advertising

DYNAMICBUSINESS.com offers a variety of banner advertising positions including Header board (1), Top Corner (2), Skyscraper (3) and Editorial Block (4). We accept standard banner creative as well as support for a wide array of rich media types.

Channel Specific Advertising

DYNAMICBUSINESS.com offers advertising opportunities on all major sections of DYNAIMCBUSINESS.com. Sections consist of resource center by topic pertaining to a specific subject area. Content Specific Advertising are sold as exclusive placements on a monthly basis.

Package Sponsorship

DYNAMICBUSINESS.com offers package sponsorship opportunities which include Channel Specific Advertising, Poll sponsorship and e-Newsletter sponsorships.

Newsletter Sponsorship

DYNAMICBUSINESS.com offers sponsorable newsletters, which are published on a monthly basis or on a highlight schedule. Each newsletter has a maximum capacity of two sponsors.

DYNAMICBUSINESS.com newsletters are published in HTML and text format.


Online Advertising Solutions


Master – Sitewide                                                                                                        Per Month

                 Leader board (except Export)               750px x 90px                           $2,750

                Top Corner (except Export)                    235px x 90px                           $675

                Skyscraper (homepage only)                160px x 600px                         $1,925    

                Editorial Block (homepage only)           336px x 280px                        $1,690


Channel Specific in Resource Centre sections

Skyscraper                                                160px x 600px                        $540 per section

Editorial Block                                           336px x 280p                         $510 per section


Channel Specific on Resource Centre -Export

                Leader board                                           750px x 90px                           $1,425

                Top Corner                                               235px x 90px                           $490

                Skyscraper – Floors                                160px x 100px                         $390

                Editorial Block                                         336px x 280px                         $745



                Contact the online advertising department for details                        $POA


Note:   All prices quoted in AUD$ and valid as at 1st of February 2007. Prices GST exclusive.



National Advertising Manager

Vanessa Fink

p +61 2 9955 6311

e vanessa.fink@loyaltyaust.com.au


Senior Account Manager

Jarra Campbell

p +61 2 9955 6311

e jarra.campbell@loyaltyaust.com.au


Senior Account Manager

Jodie Turner

p +61 2 9955 6311

e jodie.turner@loyaltyaust.com.au

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