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Cameron Bayley brings you new technology to make your work life just that little bit easier.

1) Car SpeakerphoneActive Image

Handy for the mobile worker, Sony Ericsson’s latest Bluetooth Car Speakerphone HCB–100, ensures safe call management on the road. Attaching discreetly to the visor of your car, the HCB-100 connects wirelessly to most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, and features distinguishable buttons to handle calls easily, so you stay in full control.

The device is also compact and light enough to unclip, pocket and take to the office or home to use as a speakerphone.

  • Features:
  • • 15 hours talk time and 350 hours standby time
  • • Noise cancellation and echo reduction
  • • Handles multiple handset connections, with colour ID

Product: Sony Ericsson’s Bluetooth Car Speakerphone HCB-100

RRP: $139


2) Colour Laser Printer

For workgroups or small businesses needing fast, high quality, colour printing, Fuji Xerox has released its networkable DocuPrint C2100 colour laser printer. With a small footprint, it’s suitable for small offices and crowded workplaces, and administrators can monitor printer-usage—and costs—to restrict colour usage, printer access and set print limits. There's even a tool allowing administrators to perform various administrative tasks via a web browser. 

  • Features:Active Image
  • • 25 ppm (mono) and 17 ppm (colour) print speeds
  • • Optional double-sided printing
  • • Up to 9600 x 600 dpi resolution
  • • 400 MHz processor and 128MB RAM (expandable to 640MB)
  • • Network enabled

Product: Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C2100

RRP: $825


3) Universal Remote Control

Active ImageSick of multiple controls cluttering up the home or office? Logitech’s latest universal remote control, the Harmony 1000i remote, can be used in the home as well as for multimedia presentations in the office. Logitech’s online wizard helps make set-up simple, and by entering a component’s model number, it’ll match the characteristics, discrete codes and infrared commands from one of over 175,000 devices from more than 5,000 manufacturers. 

  • Features:
  • • One-touch activity control
  • • 3.5-inch colour, touch-sensitive screen
  • • Only nine fixed buttons
  • • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • • Charging stand

Product: Logitech Harmony 1000i remote

RRP: $699


 4) Portable Charger

We all know the pain of finding your mobile phone battery has gone flat just when you need to make that all-important call. Motorola have come to the rescue with the P790 Portable Charger that can recharge your handset or headset. Fully charged, the P790 can provide up to two, full battery charges for a handset, and up to 10 recharges for a Bluetooth headset. Use it with any phone with a mini-USB port, including Nokia and BlackBerry. Charge the P790 itself with a standard phone wall charger (sold separately) while charging your phone, so you can kill two birds and be ready to hit the road again.Active Image 

  • Features:
  • • Weighs 79 grams
  • • Wire free
  • • Choice of six colours

Product: Motorola P790 Portable Charger

RRP: $79.95


5) PlansPlus

The book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People changed the way many people did business and pursued their personal goals. The organisation founded by author Dr Stephen J Covey developed the principles a step further, creating add-on software for Microsoft Outlook. The latest version of PlanPlus takes a personalised approach to task lists and project management, helping you take charge of your workday. Track tasks and prioritise your workload on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, maximising your time at work so there’s plenty of ‘you time’ left over.Active Image 

  • Features:
  • • Compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 for use on handheld devices
  • • 'Drag and drop’ functionality
  • • Projects Manager creates priority list of

Product: PlanPlus version 4.0

RRP: $129




6) Ultra Mini 5 Button Mouse


Active ImageIt’s hard to think the humble mouse could get much more advanced, but the team at Targus have given it a shot with what they claim is the world’s smallest five-button mouse. As more and more of us live on the world wide web, two additional buttons have been specifically installed to move you ‘back’ and ‘forward’ as you navigate the internet. Designed for those on the go, or for the home office, it comes with a retractable USB cable to reduce clutter.

  1. Features:
  2. • 45.4 grams
  3. • Latest optical sensor technology for precision movement
  4. • 7.6 x 4 x 2.8 cm
  5. • One-year warranty 

Product: Targus Ultra Mini 5-Button Mouse

RRP: $39.95


All prices correct as of February 2007

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