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High demand, low supply: finding the top jobs in cyber security today

We have all been hearing about how the new “IT” field is Cyber Security but few of us have an idea as to what it actually entails.

The ever-evolving IT world is faced with a very high possibility of data breaches; DDOS based attacks, hackers from around the world, and even threats. There is a massive skills gap and companies are willing to pay handsomely for the right talent that can help them navigate these dangerous waters.

Below are some of the best jobs out there but with a demand and supply gap. So if you want to pursue your career in cyber security, then check out these options:

Lead Software Security Engineer

The personnel are tasked with performing maintenance along with deployment of employee training programs. This also includes developing security related aspects of all application programs. The minimum required level of education is a BS in Computer Sciences or similar fields that have similar security concerns along with communication skills. The pay packages start off at $58,800 up to $233,333 per year.

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

These officers are responsible for preparing organizations to enable them to encounter existing as well as emerging threats. Well versed in C-suite, these professionals are solely responsible for the establishment and communication of best practices that are essential for maintaining firm data security, along with maintaining the effectiveness of the firm’s security operations.

This role requires specializations along with a BS Computer Sciences or similar fields. Pay packages start off at $67,841 up to $225,000 per year.

Global Information Security Director

This role involves maintenance and execution of various information security projects.  This also includes coordinating responses to any breach or attack if any occurs. The Director of Global Information Security is generally required to have a pertinent knowledge of industry-specific rules.

The requirement is a BS in Computer Sciences and a varied arsenal of security certifications. The pay packages start off at $40,530 up to 200,000 per year.

IT Security Consultant

These consultants work alongside clients for developing strategies for effective cyber security across entire organizations. Hence, they require knowledge of the industry’s best practices, recommended procedures, solid communication skills, negotiation, and even project management skills. To arm yourself with the arsenal required to land this job, read these new details from Simplilearn.

Consultants with multiple years of experience are valued with a pay base starting off at $51,518 up to $198,909 annually!

CISO – Chief Information Security Officer

This role is adapted along the lines of a chief security officer with more focus on the protection of organizational data and intellectual property – all the information related assets. A CISO is responsible for maintaining best practices. The role also includes designing effective policies in order to handle breaches or other disasters. The pay scale begins at $89,555 and goes up to $192,500 annually.

Director of Security

Their main focus is on minimizing the probability of attack while ensuring that internal teams follow the set security procedures. This job requires a good amount of soft skills and pays around $70,996 up to $178,333 annually.

Cyber Security Lead

Any cyber security lead faces the pressures of a demanding job. This includes evaluation of the organization for any potential vulnerability alongside analysts; leading to the detection of any attacks that are underway and gearing the management. The post pays from $47,634 up to $175,000 annually.

Lead Security Engineer

The job description of lead security engineers depends on the organization they work for. Some of the responsibilities include securing the operations environment, any communications systems, and all the hardware. It also includes reviewing code and processes aimed at the detection of any vulnerability. The pay scale starts off at $73,609 up to $174,375 annually.

Cyber Security Engineer

Known as professionals well-versed in the use of penetration testing and other tools; these engineers keep the organization safe from internal as well as external threats. The pay scale is from $53,582 up to $170,000 per year.

Application Security Manager

As an application security manager, you’ll be in charge of ensuring that all applications used by the organization are meeting minimum standards of security and privacy. This role fetches $98,044 and goes up to $ 165,000 annually.

Based on a survey by indeed, the best value of these IT based jobs is in Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, etc.

The Bottom Line

An increasing number of IT businesses are emerging. That’s why cyber security jobs have a very high demand today. If you are passionate to contribute your efforts in this industry, then it’s surely the best time to take action: apply in one of the cyber security jobs that match your credentials. If you are a suitable candidate for a position, there are high chances that you’ll get hired as a cyber security professional.

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Bailey George is a careers consultant who works with young people who are interested in entering the technology industry in one way or another. His articles appear on job and recruitment blogs, education/college sites and more.

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