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Lenovo Yoga Book 9i. Credit: Creative Commons. (Trusted Reviews)

CES 2023: Dell’s 6K monitor, upscaled GPUs for the ultimate remote work setup, and more

It’s that time of year again! Are you curious about what the future holds and what new technologies are on the horizon?

Then you will want to take advantage of this opportunity to see the latest and greatest products and innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is back, bringing together a diverse group of attendees from across the tech industry to showcase the latest and most exciting products and innovations. From manufacturers and retailers to developers and media, CES brings together a wide range of people to see and experience the latest technological advancements. 

Dynamic Business has put together a list of the most exciting new product launches and ground-breaking technologies so that you can get a sneak peek at the cutting-edge technologies shaping our world. Take advantage of this chance to see what’s next in the tech industry!

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a major technology-related trade show in January each year in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is one of the world’s largest and most influential technology events, showcasing the latest developments and innovations in the tech industry. 

CES features exhibits from major tech companies and startups, keynote presentations and panel discussions from industry leaders.     

Ultrasharp remote meetings 

Dell, an American technology company, wowed attendees at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) with its new Dell UltraSharp monitor. The device, the world’s first 6K monitor, boasts IPS Black panel technology that delivers higher contrast and deeper black colour. 

Dell’s Hot Tech study found that monitors with IPS Black technology provide up to 41% deeper black levels and up to 1.2 times better colour accuracy than traditional IPS4 monitors, particularly when displaying low greys.

Android’s joining the satellite-based texting party

Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon Satellite initiative at CES 2023. It’s a new initiative to bring satellite messaging to “next-generation premium Android smartphones” Qualcomm is partnering with Iridium, a company with a communications satellite array in low orbit, on this project. If you’re out of cell coverage and need to communicate where you are, this would theoretically come in handy.

Upscaling GPUs

Nvidia is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the quality of old, blurry YouTube videos. The company demonstrated this technology, called RTX Video Super Resolution, at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). 

This feature, which will be available on all Nvidia 30- and 40-series GPUs starting next month, will use AI to upscale videos played in Chrome and Edge on a PC to the equivalent of 4K resolution, similar to the AI upscaling feature that has been available on the Shield TV and Shield TV Pro for some time. When enabled, RTX Video Super Resolution will improve the clarity and detail of low-resolution videos, making them look closer to the original high-resolution version.

Self-driving stroller

The Ella smart stroller is a motorised buggy developed by Canadian startup Glüxkind that is designed to be a “hands-free” transportation solution for parents with young children. The stroller uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect obstacles and potential dangers on the pavement, such as other people or bikes and is equipped with sensors, including cameras, to help it navigate. 

When empty, the Ella can drive itself, and when a parent is holding their infant, it can follow along automatically. If the stroller encounters an obstacle, it will stop automatically to prevent collisions. The stroller’s cameras track moving and stationary objects and alert parents to potential danger through sounds and flashing lights on the handle.

OLED display with peak 2,000 nit brightness

Samsung announced a new smartphone OLED panel with a peak brightness of over 2,000 nits at CES 2023. The panel, called UDR (Ultra Dynamic Range), was certified by UL Solutions and considered the best of Samsung’s mobile display technology. 

The panel’s peak brightness matches the brightness of Samsung’s newly announced S95C and S90C quantum dot OLED TVs. Additionally, Samsung Display has received a UDR 1,500 nits luminance rating on its new panel.

No mess in your living room

LG Electronics unveiled a 97-inch OLED TV that streams content wirelessly using the Zero Connect Box. The box, which needs to be plugged in but can be placed up to 30 feet away from the display, allows users to enjoy their favourite shows and movies without the hassle of messy cords and cables.

Fun road trips

Holoride, a company based in Munich, Germany, has developed a virtual reality (VR) headset to make car rides more enjoyable and less prone to motion sickness. The headset allows passengers to play video games, watch movies or TV shows on streaming platforms, or browse social media while riding in a car. 

The VR experience is synced with the car’s movement, so passengers feel like they are moving in the virtual world as they ride, which can help prevent car sickness. With the Holoride headset, passengers can experience immersive adventures such as flying or fighting robots or swimming underwater instead of simply looking at the road.

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