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Australia second most prepared nation to adopt cloud technology

Australia now ranks as the second most prepared nation to adopt cloud computing technology, while developing economies continue to fall behind when it comes to cloud preparedness.

Of the 24 economies assessed under the Business Software Alliance (BAS) Global Cloud Scorecard, Japan was deemed most prepared whilst Germany, the United States and France were also ranked highly.

The Global Cloud Scorecard, which assesses countries across seven areas including data privacy and cyber security, found that developing economies were substantially less “cloud- ready”.

BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman said the success of cloud computing “requires laws and regulations that let data flow easily across borders”. Many developing countries, however, have yet to adopt or implement these types of laws, hindering their integration into the global cloud network.

Holleyman continued, “Right now, too many countries have too many different rules standing in the way of the kind of trade in digital services we really need”.

“Countries that wall themselves off are doing real harm” he said.

The BSA’s senior director for government and policy Roger Somerville echoed Holleyman, remarking that “many economies in Asia still have substantial work ahead to…enhance their cloud preparedness”.

“Nevertheless, the future looks bright for most Asian economies as they have already started to recognize the vast potential gains in fully embracing the cloud,” Somerville added.

More information regarding the BSA’s Global Cloud Scorecard, the full, 24-country rankings, detailed findings, and policy blueprint are available here.

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Gillian Wolski

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