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Credit: Shane Rounce

AI Weekly: Your Instagram chats set to get smarter and more

Welcome to AI Weekly, where we delve into the cutting-edge and ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence and bring you concise yet comprehensive summaries of the most exciting AI developments.

Google considers “Project Ellmann” for AI-Powered Life Story Narratives

Google explores “Project Ellmann,” an initiative utilizing AI to analyze phone data and photos, crafting comprehensive life narratives for users. The proposal aims to create a detailed overview of users’ lives, utilizing mobile data such as searches and images. However, integration into existing products, like Google Photos, remains uncertain.

AlphaCode 2: Google’s DeepMind shows off how coding’s really done!

DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google, introduces AlphaCode 2, an upgraded AI model for code generation. Outperforming 85% of competitors in programming contests, AlphaCode 2 showcases advanced capabilities in solving complex mathematical and theoretical computer science problems.

Aussie enterprises embrace AI

Research by Dynatrace reveals increased AI investments in Australian organizations for productivity enhancement, task automation, cost reduction, and competitive edge. While the benefits are evident, challenges arise in ensuring the trustworthiness of generative AI outputs and compliance with data security and privacy regulations. The findings highlight the necessity of a composite AI approach, combining various AI types and data sources for advanced reasoning.

Nuekit: The Rebel of Static Site Generators – Less Code, More Sass

A new static site generator and web application builder, Nuekit, promises an unparalleled developer experience with universal hot-reloading, client-side routing, extreme minimalism, and simplicity. Emphasizing adherence to web standards, Nuekit aims to elevate website and app performance, ensuring longevity.

Abacus.AI Boss Turns Chatbot asks– ‘I’m GPT Now. Prompt Me?

Bindu Reddy, CEO of Abacus.AI, playfully engages with ChatGPT by stating, “I’m GPT now. Prompt me.” The chatbot, designed to respond to prompts, inquires about the history of AI, prompting Reddy’s witty response, showcasing a humorous exchange that leaves the internet impressed.

5 AI Gifts: Because Regular Gifts Are So Last Algorithm!

Consider gifting AI-powered tech for both fun and productivity. Smart speakers with virtual assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home, AI fitness trackers like Fitbit, smart writing tablets such as reMarkable, AI-powered drones, and language learning apps like Duolingo offer a perfect balance of entertainment and practicality.

Instagram’s AI Agents: Your chats soon to get smarter

Instagram is reportedly working on AI Agents (Bots) to enhance chat experiences, with leaked information suggesting users can choose from 30 personalities. Alessandro Paluzzi, an engineer, reverse-engineered Instagram’s code, unveiling plans for AI chatbot integration. The move follows Snapchat’s introduction of its own Chatbot, My AI, designed for interactive and engaging experiences.

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Yajush Gupta

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