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Rob Hango-Zada and William On, co-founders of Shippit

Shippit taps into BigCommerce customer base

By partnering with ecommerce platform BigCommerce, Sydney-based logistics startup Shippit has gained access to “thousands of new customers”, says co-founder and joint-CEO, William On.    

The partnership enables BigCommerce customers to access enterprise shipping rates and shipping carrier discounts via Shippit’s logistics management platform, which determine the best courier for a merchant, then fulfills the order, prints a label and sends a manifest to the selected provider with pick-up details. Shippit currently services over 750 merchants and recently closed a $2.2m Series A funding round, turning down a further $2.8m from interested investors in the process.

On caught up with Dynamic Business to discuss Shippit’s integration with BigCommerce.

DB: How was the partnership with BigCommerce struck?

On: One of Shippit’s major focus is running a customer-centric business; we consistently listen to our customers to see how we can make their experience better and meet their needs. We’ve had lots of BigCommerce customers who were manually booking shipments on shippit.com and they were wanting to save time through automation and provide a superb recipient experience. We reached out to BigCommerce and developed the partnership that you see today.

DB: What value will the partnership generate for both startups?

On: BigCommerce now have a turnkey shipping solution with no complex integrations, shipping rules or processes – up, running and shipping in seven minutes. Shippit customers now also have access to another eCommerce platform and we have access to thousands of new customers.

DB: With Amazon on the horizon, how timely is this partnership?

On: Shippit empowers Australian eCommerce retailers with access to shipping rates, flexible shipping options and a fantastic user experience. There’s a difference between the perception of Amazon coming into the market versus really understanding the consumers and the vertical our retailers are in. Shippit customers are able to tailor a product and experience to the Australian consumer, sell on an eCommerce platform such as BigCommerce and we provide the Amazon fulfilment capability.

DB: How does the partnership capitalise on Shippit’s recent momentum?

On: Our product focus means we are consistently trying to innovate and give our Partners (retailers, carriers and recipients) the best service we can provide. BigCommerce marks one of the many new partnerships we’ve made and gives us opportunity to play on a global scale. We are proud to be able to partner with a business that understands what it is to build a global technology platform in Australia.

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