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Most profitable startup ideas in Australia in 2019

Are you living in Australia and want to open a business? If so, you are surely interested in the most profitable possible options. The truth is that Australia is quite business-friendly. We are talking about the thirteenth largest economy in the world. Many industries are much more developed than what you might initially think. However, some great startup ideas stand out as they have a higher earning potential than others.

Airport shuttle service

This is a highly unexpected profitable business in Australia. We are talking about a startup that will be management intensive but earning potential is high because of the numerous partnerships that you can negotiate. You can establish ties with tour operators, travel agencies and hotel resorts, just to mention a few.


Launching a catering business is simply a wonderful opportunity in the event you love cooking. The startup can be quickly profitable and it offers really good lucrative margins. At the same time, it is a really good option in the event you want to start a business as a part-time option while you still hold a regular job.

Plumbing company

There is always a demand for good plumbers but the competition is pretty high. However, if you are good at the job and you know how to promote your new plumbing company, growth can be really quick. There is definitely no shortage of hot water plumbers in Melbourne and other large metropolitan areas but with a really good plan, you can generate good profits as plumbing services have good return margins for specialists.

Cleaning business

There is an unexpected great income potential associated with officeor residential cleaning businesses. The business can be started from home because of really low infrastructure needs. Since investment is low, profit can go up fast.

Graphic design business

As more and more businesses are moving online, the demand for professional graphics design is higher than ever. You do not need to invest a lot of money when you startthe business. In most casesyou just need to open a company and have the technology needed, like a good computer and the needed graphic design software. You can find clients in many different industries, with entrepreneurs realizing how important it is to use good graphics in their promotional campaigns.

Homemade cookie business

Do you love baking cookies? If so, there is a pretty good chance that you can turn this into a lucrative Australian home-based business. As more and more people are interested in healthy eating, your cookies can even include healthy ingredients. The initial capital investment is really small and working hours are limited at first, all based on how many orders you have.

Pet photography

This is quite an attractive business for the petlovers that do love photography. You just need to set up a suitable home studio and look for pet owners that want to hire you. Start by building your portfolio through taking photos of as many pets as you can and you will be active in a photography genre that is fun and really fast growing.

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