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Equalution co-founders Jade Spooner and Amal Wakim, and Devika CEO and founder Ken Kencevski

Body transformation startup gets AI make-over ahead of overseas expansion

Health-tech app Equalution is partnering with the emerging tech start-up, Devika, to deliver an agile Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to their users. 

Devika will be supporting the Sydney based startup with the integration of AI into the already successful body transformation app as the company gears up for global expansion.

The collaboration will streamline the Equalution platform’s user experience and build a more personalised nutrition service to end-users, making the app more affordable and accessible to a wider market. By implementing AI, the platform will be able to deliver customised health plans tailored to the mindset of users.

Equalution co-founder and Director, Jade Spooner, said the business’s main focus right now was investing in technology to facilitate the ongoing growth of the app and for that reason Devika’s founder, Ken Kencevski, will be taking on a tech advisory role in the business.

“Engaging with Devika is crucial as we need to be aware of not only where the industry is heading from a tech perspective, but also what technology is available to us which can significantly improve our service and company as a whole. We plan to first target the US and Canada, followed by the UK and Asia Pacific,” said Miss Spooner.

Equalution previously worked with Devika on the official re-launch of the Australian app in July, where it was able to reduce the time spent on generating personalised meal plans down from 30 minutes to just 3 minutes in line with-end users’ goals.

The health platform uses its own scientific formula to generate overall calorie, protein, carb and fat goals of users and then provide users with a calorie counting tool and tailored meal plan. It also considers the individual’s food preferences to deliver an experience that facilitates a good relationship with food.

Miss Spooner said prior to first engaging Devika, the platform struggled with initial rapid growth and high demand from users.

“When we first launched the platform we faced two challenges, we had a lack of resources to cater to our fast growth and little to no understanding of tech resources that could provide business solutions. Devika were able to bridge this gap, and we have now extended our partnership for another two years to optimise the new platform,” she said.

Devika Founder and CEO, Ken Kencevski, said the Devika team would also have a hands-on role in Equalution’s market research and networking in its planned global expansion.

“While the app already has thousands of users, we hope to see this number grow exponentially when we bring the AI-platform to market. We are also looking to package the technology with the ability to be paired as a white label integration from a B2B perspective to allow for the integration of other health and fitness companies such as gyms and personal trainers,” said Mr Kencevski.

Devika CEO, Ken Kencevski, summarised his tips for introducing AI into your business, with real examples, in a recent article. Want to receive similar articles straight into your inbox? Subscribe for weekly updates here.

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