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What’s your point of difference?

Do you have a point of difference (POD)? Do you know what makes you different to your competition? Do you know how to use that as a powerful message to convert prospects into clients?

Many business owners look at their current business model trying to find the 'needle in the haystack' rather than looking at how to create a point of difference.

Here are some tips on how to find and create your own POD:

  • Ask your top 10 clients. Find out why your current clients like you and determine if there is a theme that could become your POD.
  • It's all about you. You are the face of your business so take a look at yourself and what makes you different. Maybe it's something in your own unique personality, style, or your expertise and experience, that will win them over.
  • Get creative. Sit down with your staff and brainstorm ways to create a simple POD. Develop a client service charter so clients understand what experience to expect when dealing with you. Send a box of chocolates with every order your clients make, or offer them a money back guarantee. The list is endless.

Developing a point of difference is not hard. Just find out what your clients value most and then make sure you communicate it consistently and enthusiastically. Watch the difference it will make!

* Carolyn Stafford is the founder of Connect Marketing Professionals, www.connectmarketing.com.au

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of DYNAMICBUSINESS.com or the publishers.

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