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Smart marketing: leveraging the magic of video for building your brand

Online marketing is changing all the time, and new techniques are constantly coming along. One technique that has been around for a few years now, and which is becoming increasingly important all the time, is video marketing.

Videos are popular because more people are using their phones to access the internet, and mobile internet speeds have also increased over recent years. This means video is the ideal type of content to access on the go, and it is especially popular with younger web users.

So how can you take advantage of video to build your brand online? Here’s a guide to get you started.

Create an Explainer Video

One of the best things to do when you get started with your video marketing strategy is to create a professional explainer video to put on your homepage.

An explainer video is a short video, sometimes consisting of an animation and sometimes an introduction from the CEO. Its aim is to quickly inform visitors what you do and how you can help them so that they get an instant impression of your brand.

The first thing to do when you make an explainer video is to make sure you create a simple, short, and convincing script for your video.

You will want to cover the main benefits your business provides and end with a call to action to encourage the visitor to do something. This could be to contact you, to explore your site further, or to download a free white paper.

Don’t be tempted to rush this and put a video together yourself. Instead, you are likely to get better results by using a professional service to ensure a high-quality product. A specialist video company like Lifetime Media can help with this.

You want to make the right first impression, and quality counts when it comes to videos, so make sure you do it properly.

Take Video Marketing Further

Once you have got your explainer video up on your site, think about other ways that you could make use of video.

Video marketing is a popular type of online marketing that can help you to build more links, generate more engagement, and ultimately win more business. And there are many ways you can use it.

For example, live video is one of the major online marketing trends right now, so you may want to consider creating some live videos. You can do this on platforms like Facebook Live.

What could you use for the topics of your live videos? They often work best when they are simple. So you could introduce key people at your business or interview someone in the industry. Or you could get your CEO to answer questions about your products.

You could also create videos about your products. These are a great way to demonstrate complex products and showing how to use them, and you can upload them to YouTube as well as to your website.

You can also interview industry experts and share the videos on social media. Or you could create a weekly whiteboard video where you answer common problems experienced by your customers, and you could feature these in your blog posts.

Essentially, use videos wherever you can. You can even use your old blogs and turn the content into a video, and this can help to extend your reach and boost your brand awareness.

Add Video Testimonials to Your Site

Another excellent way to boost your brand using videos is to use video testimonials on your website. Testimonials are always useful, and social proof is essential when you are trying to increase trust online.

But testimonials must be genuine if they are to work. For written testimonials, that means you should use the full name of your customer and link to their company website.

But videos can take this even further.

By using a video testimonial, this comes across as even more genuine. So when visitors land on your website, they can watch and listen to your previous customers talk about why they enjoy doing business with you.

This can be very powerful, and it’s a great way to build trust in your brand. So try it out yourself. Again, just make sure that you put the effort into creating high-quality videos rather than filming them on a smartphone.

Start Experimenting with Video Marketing

Many companies are now using videos to market their businesses. Explainer videos are more popular than ever before, and videos are put to use in various marketing strategies because they are so effective at capturing attention and conveying a lot of information in a short period of time.

If you haven’t yet experimented with videos, now is the time. The truth is that videos are only going to become more important for businesses marketing their products and services online.

So start brainstorming ideas for your own video marketing, and start taking advantage of all the benefits it provides.

About the author

Georgia Norton works in the marketing industry and enjoys sharing her knowledge with a wide online audience whether offering up social media tips or video marketing ideas.

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