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Digital publishing as a business tool – why not?

ePublishing is being used by savvy businesses as a tool to remain relevant in the digital age. Mandie Spooner looks at the many reasons why SMBs should add digital publishing to their communications toolkit.

So why digital publishing?

Digital publishing blends the benefits of the web and print together. Most people still enjoy the look and feel of a printed magazine; they connect with it. It’s a traditional format, much loved but losing ground because it’s limited in its capacity to deliver immersive, interactive content that changes rapidly.

Today, many of us digital natives require so much more from our information sources. With digital publications we can retain our emotional connection with print while enjoying the extraordinary versatility of the web. Your key messages will reach your target audience directly and because the internet continues to make corporate publishing tools more economically viable, it can be done at a reasonable cost.

Using advanced e-publishing software allows any organisation to create rich, immersive content in an exciting new format that keeps readers engrossed. With some software you have the capability to embed video, music, documents, link to contacts, documents and websites so any publication can immediately become a powerfully emotive interactive e-marketing tool.

What would I use digital publications for?

The sky is the limit! You can use it for magazines, customer communications, newsletters, catalogues, supplements, brochures, flyers, interactive e-books, training manuals, marketing material and much much more!

What are the advantages of digital publications?

There are lots of advantages for your business and clients! These include:

  • You can integrate rich media such as video, music, documents, link to contacts and links to websites for a fabulous and emotive user experience.
  • You can read your publications on all devices.
  • You and your clients can benefit from an Ad Management and Ad Serving technology for digital advertising. Your clients can place an Ad in your publication and the Ad could be a video.
  • Distributing your publications digitally saves you money and reaches a large audience.
  • Allows you unlimited global distribution.
  • With a reporting function you can measure what works and doesn’t work.

And finally…

Consumer needs have changed. The consumer wants to be able to access all communication channels (blogs, social media, internet, email) at any time using any equipment (mobile devices).

This market is tipped to grow rapidly, on average 25 percent growth between 2009 and 2013 in digital publishing [Global entertainment and media outlook, PWC]

Digital publishing is the future of communication, so what are you waiting for?

– Mandie Spooner is a graphic designer and one half of emagine publishing. Johanna Klaus also a Graphic Designer is the other half of emagine publishing. Together they are pushing the boundaries of digital publishing.

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