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Six ways to protect yourself from social network threats

Social networking is becoming more widespread, and as a result, users are exposed to a number of online threats. Yet, most social media users do not take the proper precautions to protect themselves. Below are six ways to stay secure online:

1.      Do not accept pop-ups or prompts for software, unless you’re armed with web scanner software which checks each site for infections prior to access.

2.      Do not ever provide, post, or submit any confidential personal data (e.g. banking details, medical records). Social networking sites do not require this sort of information to join, unless you’re online dating or paying monthly.

3.      Change your password at least once a month. Do not change it if you’re prompted to. This can be a third party malicious link.

4.      Do not let friends, peers, co-workers access their social networks on your computer, nor yours on their machine. Others could introduce infections to your computer through unsafe practices, or your login security could be compromised via cookies saved on your computer.

5.      Never auto save your password information, and clear your history at least once a week.

6.      Do not accept friend requests or request friends that you personally do not know.

– Lloyd Borrett is the marketing manager at AVG (www.avg.com.au)

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