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Dynamic Business is bringing you our top stories from 2012 over the break. Here’s a great piece from December looking at how to encourage repeat business from your customers.

Businesses that develop a reputation for being excellent in an area that their industry is frowned upon for will gain far more repeat business and help grow their customer base through referrals – customers will hardly be able to wait to tell their friends.

You don’t expect to see the words ‘excellent customer service’ and ‘plumbers’ in the same sentence, do you?

The negative perceptions associated with plumbers have tarnished the industry we operate in, and it is a challenge that we have been overcoming in our business. Perhaps your industry suffers from negative perceptions also. ‘Honest lawyers’‘tidy builders’ or‘personable accountants’, anyone?

To read the complete article, click here.

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Laney Clancy

Laney Clancy

Laney Clancy is Marketing and Finance Manager at Pipe Perfection Plumbers in Sydney. It’s her job to make her customer’s lives easier – and she takes it seriously. The business is based on three principles: professionalism, expertise and reliability. Having started as a veterinarian, Laney eventually found herself working in marketing and in 2004 brought her marketing skills to Pipe Perfection Plumbers and has helped see it grow to the small business that it is today, with a team that includes specialist plumbers, Enviroplumbers and more.

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