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Public Relations training in front of microphones

You don’t know jack about PR

Think you’re great at getting the word about your business out there to the world? Think again. Here’s what you’re getting wrong.

It seems whenever I explain to someone I’ve just met socially that I’m a public relations executive, I’m typically asked one of two questions:

“So, what did you think of the Super Bowl commercials?”


“So, how many politicians do you have in your pocket?”

When I respond by saying I have no more knowledge of advertising than the average Joe or that I detest politics and politicians, the interrogator always responds with a blank stare and asks, “Well, then, what’s public relations?”

Trying to explain, I get about a sentence or two into my definition before I see the other person’s eyes scan the horizon in hopes of an emergency rescue. Reading the non-verbals, I’ll quickly change the subject and bring up the weather, a mutual friend’s cancer diagnosis or Demi Moore’s addiction to nitrous oxide.

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