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Will the iPhone 5 be an epic fail?

Why the iPhone 5 might be the phone that finally fails to impress.

In the unpredictable world of technology, there is only one constant: The gadgets we use, the Web services we rely on for business, and the apps we install on our phones will continue to improve. Even the mighty giants of tech, like Microsoft and Google, know they can never stop innovating so they will continue to release ever-improved (and sometimes ever-bloated) software and services to attract our attention.

Yet, there is one device that might fall flat this year.

When Apple finally releases the iPhone 5, possibly this fall, it might find a radically different smartphone landscape. Last month, NPD announced that 53 percent of all smartphones run the Android operating system compared to just 29 percent for the iPhone. While many users still prefer the iPhone and the iPad, the Android OS is growing by leaps and bounds. There are dozens of Android tablets, including the super-fast Asus Transformer Prime and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch with its clear, crisp screen.

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