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Barack Obama, standing in front of microphones

Why Obama’s new campaign slogan is all wrong

In Washington, there’s no start-up like an election campaign. And there’s no quicker way to miss your mark than with a lackluster slogan.

Forward.” That’s the new slogan the Obama campaign revealed this week.


Here in Washington, D.C.,  there’s no start-up like a political campaign. It’s the city’s No. 1 industry, and its superstars face the same challenges as their counterparts in other new ventures. They spend their days worrying about things like personnel and products; about funds and focus. Which brings us to the 2012 campaigns’ slogans.

A great slogan–for a campaign or for any new venture–needs to do several things. It should sum up the venture’s key message in a single word or phrase. It should evoke its customers’ needs and explain emotionally how the campaign or business can meet them. It should differentiate the campaign or business from the other guys.

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