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Why being colour conscious makes good business sense

Do you wear black like a New Yorker, or take risks with bold and bright colours? What about your decor? These tips can help you stand out from the crowd and exude confidence.

New Yorkers are known for their love of black clothes. And folks familiar with Washington, D.C., can attest to the fact that its denizens have an unparalleled affinity for gray. I get it—no doubt, colours like black, navy, and khaki are classics for a reason. But the thing about classics is, when used alone, they can quickly morph from “classic” to “boring.” And if there’s something entrepreneurs don’t want to be known as, it’s boring.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed that entrepreneurs are typically more likely to be the brave souls rocking colour, as compared to other businesspeople. And that doesn’t necessarily stop with wardrobe. My hypothesis is that this boils down to the fact that entrepreneurs seek to communicate on all levels that if you take a chance on us you are going to get innovation, fun and creativity, versus the same staid results you could get elsewhere. Or, maybe it’s simply that entrepreneurs were always inclined to use colour, and now do so because running their own businesses relieves the pressure to “blend in.”

Most of us are at least topically familiar with research surrounding how people respond to colour. I’m certainly no psychologist, but I have experienced that entrepreneurs who incorporate color indeed exude a certain confidence that would be difficult to replicate if they stuck solely to classic colours. That said, I’m not suggesting that you have to be trendy or outfit your offices with as much pizazz as an advertising agency…just that you try veering beyond safer palettes and see how it works for you. As with most things, starting small with colour is a good way to test the waters. So below find some painless ways to add more colour to your business—try it out and please let me know if you notice any improvements.

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