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What makes Facebook worth so much

After its IPO, the social network is being valued at more than $100 billion. Here’s how you can try to emulate that success.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says the popular social network was not created to be a company. “Simply put: we don’t build services to make money,” the CEO writes in Facebook’s SEC filing. “We make money to build better services.”

Regardless of how the boy billionaire views his stacks of cash from the company’s historic IPO, he’s soon to be the envy of nearly everyone who’s ever hung out a shingle. What makes this social media venture worth so much? When you’re talking about a company as complex as Facebook and sums of money as large as Syria’s gross domestic product, you can’t just explain it with a pie chart. The following factors contribute to the tech giant’s immense value, and offer lessons for how other entrepreneurs can grow their companies:

Start small and roll out gradually.
With 901 million active monthly users — more than the populations of the U.S., Indonesia and Brazil combined — Facebook offers advertisers unprecedented access to consumers.

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