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Using the bushfires to sell mowers?

I’m not sure I agree with Honda’s latest media release to sell mowers. When I opened the email this morning I thought it was some kind of bad joke, but it was in fact straight from Honda Australia’s PR.

‘Honda mower survives Kinglake Bushfires,’ it is titled. Well, a lot of people didn’t survive the bushfires and to use them as a ‘hook’ for a press release isn’t in very good taste if you ask my humble opinion.

It goes on: “Story summary: Ian Hocking’s home and its contents burnt down during the Kinglake bushfires.

His mower survived and started first pull.”

Well, thank goodness for that, Honda!

It then quotes the ‘lucky’ mower owner at length. How he was persuaded to have anything to do with this is anyone’s guess.

The owner, who evacuated himself and his family, is quoted as saying: “Everything in the yard was burnt, all the trees and grass around the mower. The fire must have gone straight across it. My car was nearby and just melted to the ground. Only its driveshaft, crank and rods were left intact, as they’re metal.”

And it ends: “Ian uses a Honda HRU194PU Buffalo mower which is no longer sold by Honda. The upgraded version – HRU196PU Classic mower – has more horsepower as well as well as other improvements.”

I know I’ve said I’m fed up of the GFC (global financial crisis) being used as a lazy angle for every other press release at the moment, but this goes beyond original.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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Jen Bishop

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