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Turn your interns into killer employees

Forget fetching coffee and making copies. The right internship programs can build you a great pipeline to the best young talent.

Sure, sometimes internships amount to little more than free grunt work for employers. But yours isn’t like that. For one, you know that programs asking for free work in exchange for limited learning, while sadly common, are also probably illegal, strictly speaking. Two, you want to offer a quality experience to your interns, because—three—an inspiring internship program is a great way to get your hands on the brightest young talent after graduation.

With internship season upon us, how do you accomplish your aim of making your program not only beneficial in the short-term for participants, but also a great training ground for your next star entry-level employee?

Advice abounds this time of year, and Katie Morrell recently offered tips on the Open Forum blog, including pre-planning activities and structure for your intern to prevent you running around the office trying to find things for your intern to do once they arrive, as well as regular check-ins to ask about their experience and swap tasks they hate for to-dos they’ll get more out of.

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