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Time to fix your LinkedIn page

Are you neglecting your company’s LinkedIn presence? Here’s how to give your page some TLC.

These days, just about every business owner has a LinkedIn profile–and more and more you see business relationships getting started on or nurtured through LinkedIn.

For me, LinkedIn is also the de facto go-to resource to learn about a business contact I’m about to meet (or have just met). For better or worse, it’s the place where snap judgments are made about people’s business skills, experience and capabilities.

You probably already know that you need to put deliberate thought into the content and presentation of your personal LinkedIn profile. But what about your company’s presence on LinkedIn? Are you giving it the same attention? And did you even know you can do more to optimise your company’s visibility? Here’s what you need to know.

Why Bother?

You have to remember that with LinkedIn, as with the Web, you have an omnipresent audience. You cannot control who sees your LinkedIn company page or at what time they’re looking. So your LinkedIn company profile is your ambassador–it must make the best first impression it can for your company.  It should, as LinkedIn itself puts it, “tell your company story and latest news, highlight your products and services, engage with followers, share career opportunities and drive word of mouth at scale.”

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