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The traditional man is back: survey

AskMen.com today unveiled the results of their 2009 Askmen Great Male Survey, revealing the traditional man is back. Yes that’s right ladies, he has made a comeback!

The survey of over 1,500 Aussie respondents and 50,000 men around the world has revealed that today’s modern man places a great deal of emphasis on traditional values such as marriage and being a good father.

The AskMen Great Male Survey examined men’s attitudes to relationships, politics, lifestyle, business, fashion and sex. They survey found that 46 percent of Australian men say being a good father and/or husband that takes care of his family makes a man manly, while 71 percent say they believe in the institution of marriage.

However, Australian men revealed that despite their traditional values, they would like more sex. An overwhelming 69 percent said they have fantasized about sleeping with their partner’s friends, while 40 percent say they are not satisfied with their sex lives.

When it comes to working lives, 25 percent said they feel that they are underpaid, while 58 percent feel that moral standards in business are on the decline. When asked what the most important factor is when considering a new career, 44 percent said the potential for career growth. But when this was equated to money, results were mixed. While 95 percent said they would date a woman with a higher incomes, 46 percent believed women put too much value on financial worth.

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