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Steve Jobs Apple CEO launches the iPad 2

Steve Jobs Apple CEO launches the iPad 2. Photo credit: gadgetynews.com

The only way to become a business rock star

Natural talent only takes you so far. This is what carries you the rest of the way.

Some business people are like rock stars: Richard, Warren, Bill, the late Steve—all rock stars. Why are they like rock stars? Even without the last names, you immediately recognise them. And just like rock stars, many people dream of being like them.

It’s certainly possible to become a rock star and achieve excellence in just about any field we choose, but excellence comes with a price. Natural talent only takes us so far. Excellence requires incredible focus, massive effort, and an almost superhuman drive and work ethic.

I’m lucky to know a few incredibly talented and successful people. One is a speaker. I once attended five consecutive engagements with him. Even though the basic makeup of each audience was the same, I was surprised by how different his speech was each time. I asked why.

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