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Sydney business invests in green technology

Newly launched Sydney based energy investment company, Sustainable Energy Australasia (SEA), is set to invest in greener technologies for the future by utilising the revenue collected from more traditional energy methods.

While technologies such as wind and hydro-electric are set to take over in the near future as our most important energy sources, SEA is will make use of gas and oil reserves in Oklahoma and Texas in order to help fund the development of these technologies.

SEA director, Richard Pritchard believes that this kind of ‘holistic’ approach to furthering sustainable energy is going to be beneficial both to the advancement of these technologies and to investors.

“A lot of companies are focusing purely on using green energy and, at the moment, these technologies are being stifled by the fact that they aren’t providing a great deal of return for investors.

“We are looking to tap into the existing energies market and provide a practical transition into sustainable energy technologies for the future.”

For more information visit www.seaustralasia.com.au

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