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Small business online security compromised: malware threat on rise

BitDefender, an anti-malware security solutions company, has found that an increasing number of small and medium sized businesses are having their online security compromised, through a rise in “malware-spreading vectors.”

The vectors infect small and medium businesses, allowing dangerous malware to enter a business’ network and compromise it’s security.

The most recent example was the Conficker worm, which spread to millions of computers by using multiple infection vectors – including Microsoft Windows RPC Service exploit – brute-forcing weak administrator passwords and copying itself to portable USB drives.

A business network can be infected even when it is not connected to the Internet Malware can be brought into a business network by a single employee who accesses the Internet outside the office, gets infected, and brings the worm to work with a USB stick.

Viorel Canja, head of BitDefender Labs said small and medium businesses are being specifically targeted as they don’t have the “level of security necessary to prevent these vectors from being used to infect their networks.”

He claims businesses should new aware of these new methods of infection and take proper precautions to protect themselves, by using a complete anti-malware security solution.

“IT security shouldn’t be an afterthought and certainly shouldn’t be a burden either.”

For more information, please visit www.bitdefender.com

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