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Six ways your company is leaking money

Small decisions can leave you stuck with big ongoing costs. Use this checklist to tighten up your budget.

Little expense leaks spring up all the time. Many are the result of seemingly minor choices made in the day-to-day frenzy, but they can add up to a lot of lost cash. Even if you think you have all your expenses under control, it can’t hurt to do a quick check for some of the top cash drips. Here’s a list of a few expenses every business owner or CEO should look into.

Online Charges

If you have subscriptions to YouSendIt, DropBox, GotoMeeting or other online services, you are probably getting charged a monthly fee. But are you being charged for the right number of users, the right scale of service? You may have signed up during a trial period or at a point when your needs were different. Take a look at your charges, and size them appropriately.

Phone Bills

Maybe you still need a traditional landline telephone service. And, heck, while you are at it, possibly you need a horse and carriage for your short commute and leeches for when you are sick.

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