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Shy? 3 ways to use it to your advantage

A communication coach offers a bevy of tips on how entrepreneurs who don’t naturally excel at self-promotion can shed their cloak of invisibility and get noticed.

Introverts, due to of their reserved nature, step out of the shadows less often than the more outgoing. But thanks to a new book by Susan Cain titled Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, the quieter folks among us are having something of a moment in the sun. From a Time cover story to a New York Times Sunday Review piece by Cain, the topic of how our society undervalues introverts and the needs of those with a quieter disposition has been making frequent appearances in the media lately.

But while Cain does a great job of advocating for introverts and shining a spotlight on their strengths and preferences, for entrepreneurs in the world as it exists now, extroversion still has plenty of obvious benefits. The ease of networking and comfort with self-promotion that come with that ‘E’ on the Myers Briggs assessment, make it simpler to publicize and fund your venture, But that doesn’t mean introverts are shut out of the start-up game. Far from it, as the head-down, detail-oriented nature of introverts gives them a leg up when it comes to withdrawing from the world to cook up new ideas.

Once you have that amazing innovation though, you need to get it out there, which is where Nancy Ancowitz comes in. The author and business communication coach was recently interviewed by Tahl Raz on the myGreenlight Blog, offering tips on how introverts can lose the cloak of invisibility that often prevents the gregarious from noticing their accomplishments. Ancowitz explains:

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