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Credit: Salesforce

Salesforce launches Gen AI for customers in Slack 

Salesforce introduced Slack AI, a revolutionary generative AI platform seamlessly integrated within Slack, the central hub for work collaboration. 

This innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly harness the collective knowledge within Slack, offering guided experiences for AI-driven search, channel recaps, thread summaries, and soon-to-come digest features. These functionalities promise to revolutionize the way businesses operate, facilitating faster access to information, knowledge distillation, and idea generation.

According to Gartner, nearly half of digital workers struggle to efficiently access necessary information for their tasks. With the proliferation of tools and communication channels, this challenge compounds, burdening workers with cognitive overload and hindering their ability to stay abreast of daily workloads. Leveraging AI has the potential to contextualize internal knowledge, making it more accessible, relevant, and prioritized.

Denise Dresser, CEO of Slack, highlighted the significance of this advancement, stating, “Slack AI represents the next evolution in our journey to redefine how teams collaborate. These cutting-edge AI capabilities empower our users to unlock the vast knowledge reservoir within Slack, enabling smarter workflows, faster decision-making, and a renewed focus on innovation and growth. In the age of generative AI, Slack emerges as the trusted platform connecting every facet of business to supercharge productivity.”

Effective immediately, Slack AI’s search and summarization features enable users to swiftly navigate through extensive volumes of data. Designed for ease of use, these features require no training and are accessible through intuitive, contextual interactions. Each output is secure, properly cited, and personalized to the user’s needs. Key functionalities include:

  • AI-powered search delivering tailored responses to user queries, streamlining information retrieval on diverse topics.
  • Channel recaps providing essential highlights from recent activities, enabling users to catch up quickly and stay informed.
  • Thread summaries condensing lengthy discussions into concise overviews, facilitating rapid comprehension of key decisions and action items.

Sales teams, tasked with optimizing operations and enhancing team synergy, stand to benefit significantly from Slack AI. Representatives can:

  • Identify and engage subject matter experts seamlessly during customer interactions.
  • Summarize account discussions for better preparation ahead of meetings.
  • Extract key insights from prolonged discussions to maintain focus and progress.

Engineers grappling with complex incident management procedures can leverage Slack AI to:

  • Access past incident channels for potential solutions and insights.
  • Quickly familiarize themselves with relevant information to contribute effectively to resolutions.
  • Recap incident channels to expedite the drafting of comprehensive analyses.

As a core value of Salesforce, trust remains paramount in the development of Slack AI. The platform operates within Slack’s secure infrastructure, adhering to stringent security protocols and compliance standards. Customer data remains confidential and isolated, solely utilized for the organization’s benefit, without compromise or exposure to external parties.

Slack AI is continuously evolving, with upcoming features aimed at further enhancing information synthesis and prioritization. Planned updates include digest summaries for channels requiring less immediate attention, ensuring users remain informed while focusing on primary tasks. Additionally, Slack is integrating AI assistant Einstein Copilot, providing real-time insights grounded in trusted customer data directly within Slack.

Complementing Slack AI, partners are introducing enhanced AI functionalities within their Slack apps. These upgrades enable users to access PagerDuty Copilot for incident resolution support, automatically summarize Notion documents, and more. Future collaborations, such as the integration with Perplexity, will provide AI-powered insights directly within Slack, fostering seamless access to knowledge and insights.

Pricing and Availability

Slack AI is now available as a paid add-on for Slack Enterprise plans. Initial language support includes U.S. and UK English, with additional plans and language support forthcoming. AI-powered partner apps are accessible through the Slack App Directory.

The pricing details provided are for informational purposes and subject to change. Restrictions and taxes may apply. For precise pricing information, please consult your sales representative. Decision-making should not solely rely on this information, as product development, release, and features remain at the discretion of Slack and are subject to change.

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