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Image Credit: Joshua Lawrence on Unsplash

Rider safety in focus: Compliance checks in Sydney’s food delivery businesses this week

Inspectors from SafeWork NSW (New South Wales) and the NSW Police will inspect various parts of Sydney this week to ensure that food delivery riders and platforms are adhering to new safety laws. 

The operation will focus on ensuring that food delivery riders are wearing the high-visibility personal protective equipment that has been supplied to them, have completed the necessary training, and are operating safely. 

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Sarina Wise, the Acting Executive Director for Compliance and Dispute Resolution at SafeWork NSW, stated that the compliance operation is an important step in ensuring the safety of food delivery riders and the public. 

“SafeWork NSW and NSW Police will be engaging with riders in high-risk locations during typically busy periods,” Ms Wise said.

“New safety laws that began on 1 January 2023 required all riders to use or wear personal protective equipment while delivering food or drink.

“Riders must also produce their training verification record if requested by a SafeWork NSW Inspector or NSW Police Officer.”

The operation also aims to promote compliance with the new laws and regulations, which have been put in place to protect the health and safety of food delivery riders and the public.

The compliance operation to ensure food delivery riders and platforms are adhering to new safety laws in Sydney will take place on January 19, 2023, along King Street in Newtown and on January 21, 2023, along George Street at The Rocks. 

The operation will be conducted by Inspectors from SafeWork NSW and the NSW Police, who will be checking for compliance with the new laws and regulations.

Additionally, the operation will focus on illegal motorised e-bikes, riders having inadequate lighting on their bikes and unsafe practices such as using a mobile phone while riding. These latest safety laws are built on reforms that were introduced in July 2022, when it became legally required for food delivery platforms to provide riders with induction training, maintain training records, and supply riders with personal protective equipment.

Non-compliant riders and platforms to face fines

Riders found to be non-compliant with the new safety laws during the compliance operation could receive an on-the-spot fine of $144. This fine is issued to riders who are found to be operating their vehicles in an unsafe manner, such as not wearing the proper personal protective equipment or using their mobile phone while riding. 

On the other hand, food delivery platforms may be fined up to $3,600 for breaches of these safety laws. Food delivery platforms’ breaches of the new safety laws include failing to provide riders with induction training, maintaining training records, or supplying riders with personal protective equipment.

What are the regulations?

The WHS Amendment (Food Delivery Riders) Regulation 2022 states that all food delivery platforms are required to provide riders with induction training before they are allowed to work for their platform. 

The platforms must also provide each rider with a training record verifying that the rider has successfully completed induction training and must maintain records of high-visibility personal protective equipment (PPE) provision and training records of delivery riders.

All riders are also legally required to use or wear the PPE that has been provided to them while delivering food or drink. They must also be able to produce their training record if requested by a SafeWork NSW Inspector or NSW police officer. Penalties and fines will apply to platforms and riders who need to show that they have met these requirements.

“These reforms are ultimately about keeping riders, who are among some of our most at risk road users, safer on our streets,” Ms Wise said.

“NSW has the strongest safety environment for food delivery platforms and riders anywhere in the world.

“The Government continues to work with industry to ensure a culture where people and safety comes first.”

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